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The banya is said to have many health benefits. Excessive heat stimulates sweating, thus removing unwanted materials from the blood and improving the work of the kidneys. Sweating releases excess water and salt from the body and opens the skin pores, cleaning it and making it softer and fresher. The process helps rid the muscles of excess lactic acid which reliefs muscle fatigue and soreness. Come to our Russian Bath House located in Brooklyn NY and see how great you can feel once you experience the Banya.

Our wet spa is a geographic and cultural trip. The glassed-in entryway acts as a smoking atrium for jolly shirtless men, and leads into a covered beer garden and hockey-themed cafe. Inside, the main, fluorescent-lit pool room fills with sounds of splashing and socializing from crowds of Eastern European families. Saunas and steam rooms are also coed, and massages and platza (a traditional Russian sauna treatment) can be tacked onto the experience.

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Russian Bath on Neck Road,
NY, United States

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